Thermcoat Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Pu Spray Foam (Gun Use)

890 Multi-Position, Multi Purpose Pu Foam

892P RV Black Pu Gun Foam

2K Fence Post Fix

805P Pu Gun Foam Multi Purpose

805 Pu Foam Multi Purpose

806 Door & Wındow Pu Foam

Maximum Straw PU Foam

850 Mega PU Gun Foam 65L

872 Mega PU Gun Foam 70L

940 Safety Valve Reusable Pu Foam

888P Flexible Pu Gun Foam

3XL High Expending PU Gun Foam

812 Pu Foam Multi Purpose Winter -12°C

812P Pu Gun Foam Multi Purpose Winter -12°C

Fast 55 Mega Combo PU Foam

Fast 70 Mega PU Gun Foam

882 Mega PU Gun Foam Winter 70L

807 Pu Foam Multi Purpose Winter -6°C

885 Mega Pu Gun Foam Winter -25°C 70L

807P Pu Gun Foam Multi Purpose Winter -6°C

800C Foam Cleaner

892P RV Black Pu Gun Foam

Top quality filling and assembly foam with a special formulation that can be applied at low temperatures. The foam provides an airtight seal by filling even hard-to-reach gaps. When insulation is completed, heating and air conditioning costs are reduced.

892P RV Black Pu Gun Foam

Product Information


  • Developed for caravan applications.
  • The Black
  • Colour provides excellent protection against UV light.
  • Excellent bonding and filling properties.
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation value.
  • Efficiency up to 45 liters depending on humidity and temperature.
  • Mildew & water resistant.
  • Contains fire retardant.

Applications Area

  • Filling and sealing gaps, large cracks and holes,
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • In the isolation of electrical installations, hot and cold water pipes,
  • As a general purpose filling, bonding and insulating material.


S.Code P.Code Type Volume BoxQty B.Pallet Barcode
FA0892 Winter -12 600 ml Gw. 795 12